INSIGHTS: Euro Vinyl Windows

This is the first post in a new ongoing series "insights" where Revelateur interviews people in the construction industry that are passionate about what they do and bring something fresh to the industry.

In the first feature, we interview Laura Weil, Sales and Marketing Manager at Euro Vinyl Windows, a European-inspired tilt-turn window manufacturer and its sister company Glasshaus, focused on the urban, contemporary design market.

Laura Weil, Sales and Marketing Manager

Laura Weil, Sales and Marketing Manager

Tell us about EVW: background story, how did it start, who started it?

Christopher Meiorin started the company as a tilt turn manufacturer, 28 years ago.

Tell us about what makes EVW unique.

Tilt Turn window and door systems are our flagship product line, as they aren’t a common North American window design. We manufacture an array of vinyl window and door systems utilizing REHAU vinyl profiles, which are of German design specifically detailed for Canadian living. Our manufacturing facility is located in Woodbridge, Ontario, which is a mecca for window and door fabricators and component suppliers. We import our extrusions from the REHAU facility in Winnipeg and hardware from Germany.

The philosophy of Euro Vinyl Windows has been, and remains, to build the best window and door products we can. This philosophy seems simple enough, however, sometimes it remains a challenge, especially during economic downturns and being faced with an increase in low priced windows flooding the market. With this, EVW has continued to add value to our products, and strives to work closely with our supply partners to bring the product to market for the most competitive price. This philosophy is rarely questioned or deviated from and remains a benchmark for how we go about our business.

Who is EVW catering to?

We manufacture and distribute through a dealer network across Ontario and Winnipeg.  We also operate an architectural division called Glasshaus, which serves the infill and new construction community in Toronto.

What are the company goals for the future?

Our long-term goals are to ensure that the products we build meet and exceed the expectations of those who chose to align with us. For 28 years, we have not had a service representative on staff, We want to keep it that way.

How did you get involved with EVW?

I have been working in the window and door industry or 17 years, four of which with EVW.  This is the benchmark product, and the level of pride and passion amongst the team here is my key source of motivation.

What do you like most about the company?

I like the diversity of our team, our clientele and my broad range of tasks – from marketing, retail sales through Glasshaus, dealer sales on the road, through to continual programming of the manufacturing software that drives production.

What is your biggest source of inspiration?

The amazing team here, and good design. When I get to work on a project, whether it is a marketing project, architect meeting or a challenging dealer scenario, I typically get a sense of accomplishment from the experience when good (smart) design is at the core of it.

Your dream travel location? 

Currently Australia - their architecture is on fire!

What music you listen to in the office?

I'll stream YouTube channels that suit my daily fancy.  Today, it was The Concert for Bangladesh.

Any last words / something you want to share with our readers?

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Junction bungalow by Stamp. Tilt-turn windows by EVW.