What we are:

01. Honest: we always tell the truth, even when doing so is harder than taking a shortcut.

02. Inquisitive: we are insatiably curious, open-minded and love to educate ourselves. We are not afraid of shedding old ideas for better ones.

04. Discerning: Not every design is created equal. We live by dieter rams’ 10 principles of good design.

03. Creative: It’s in our blood and it’s what gets us up and motivated every morning. We are advocates for creativity.

05. Giving: We are givers at heart, always looking for opportunities to help others achieve their goals.

06. Collaborative across disciplines: We reject the notion that a “true artist” is someone who works without any contributions from others. We seek to learn and improve upon our work via collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas.

07. Communicative: good communication is the foundation of great relationships. We go out of our way to make ourselves understandable.

08. Strategic: We are able to make connections that no one else makes. A well-executed project means it’s been well thought out and planned, allowing us to be resourceful, efficient, and get better results.

09. Diligent: our work ethic is legendary, we love to keep clients happy by getting stuff done.

10. Inspiring: we love nothing more than to inspire people to elevate themselves through our work.

11 Fun: we take our work very seriously, but not ourselves.