Meet our new podcast series, "Truth is Golden" - Ep. 1 | Rocking the furniture world

At Revelateur Studio, we are ardent advocates for creativity, but always find ourselves a little isolated from the rest of the creative world, because, let's face it, our job can be a touch lonely at times. 

As a result, we wanted to create our own community of creative people, to share our successes and lament our defeats with, but more importantly, get to know them better and learn some lessons along the way. 

This podcast the result of our desire to share this passion of ours with you as well as the lessons we gleaned from the people we are interviewing.

In the first episode, we interview Joe Prendergast, VP of sales at Muzo, a band of rockers from the UK who decided 15 or so years ago to disrupt the office furniture market. Not only their products are cool, but they are really well designed with the end user in mind. What makes them unique? Their love for music and endless creativity when it comes to promoting themselves guerilla-style. Listen to Joe talk about the company's DNA, products, their love for music and answer the perennial question: Stones or Beatles?

Give it a listen here.


About the podcast: The intent behind "Truth Is Golden" is to look at renowned creatives and their work with a critical eye. We aim to ask deep questions in order to peel back the layers of marketing, clever one-liners and sexy branding. We want to show the world what it truly takes for genuinely creative forces to find their own voice make a go of a career at it. We want to hear about the successes, the failures, the inspirational stories and the lessons gleaned from all of it. In short, we want the truth, so that we can inspire other people to fulfill their creative vision and in the process, hopefully make the world a better place.


dunn house in the globe and mail

we are truly passionate about design and we love collaborating with designers who have an elevated design sensibility. the practice of everyday design is one such collective. we collaborated with them in 2014-2015 for the photography of the dunn house. not only their design skills are amazing but they're also a pleasure to work with and are happy to now count them amongst our friends.

the dunn house has been published multiple times since it was shot, the latest of which was just a few days ago in the globe. this time, the article tells the story of how the project came to be. even we learned some interesting anecdotes about the house that we had not heard before!

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even the cat received special treatment!